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from zope.interface import Attribute
from zope.interface import Interface

[docs]class IPASEvent(Interface): """An event related to a PAS principal. """ principal = Attribute('The subject of the event.')
class IPrincipalAddedToGroupEvent(IPASEvent): """A principal has been added to a group. """ group_id = Attribute('Group ID to which principal is being added') class IPrincipalRemovedFromGroupEvent(IPASEvent): """A principal has been removed from a group. """ group_id = Attribute('Group ID from which principal is being removed')
[docs]class IPrincipalCreatedEvent(IPASEvent): """A new principal has been created. """
[docs]class IUserLoggedInEvent(IPASEvent): """ A user logged in. """
[docs]class IUserLoggedOutEvent(IPASEvent): """ A user logged out. """
[docs]class IPrincipalDeletedEvent(IPASEvent): """A user has been removed. """
[docs]class ICredentialsUpdatedEvent(IPASEvent): """A principal has changed her password. Sending this event will cause a PAS user folder to trigger its active credential update plugins. """ password = Attribute('The new password')
[docs]class IPropertiesUpdatedEvent(IPASEvent): """A principals properties have been updated. """ properties = Attribute('List of modified property ids')
class IGroupCreatedEvent(IPASEvent): """A group has been created. """
[docs]class IGroupDeletedEvent(IPASEvent): """A group has been removed. """